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Beer Rush

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The goal of the game is to serve beers to the customers as they slowly advance towards the barman. If any customers reach the end of the bar or a returning beer is not catched by the barman, the player loses a life.

Catch A Star

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Touch right or left to move the little ghost. Catch so many stars you can. Every time you catch 10 stars, the difficult level increase.

Obstacle Runner

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My goal with any of my games is to give you a good starting point to create your own awesome game.

City Destroyer

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Tap a wall to set a bomb. All walls should stand not higher that desired high.

Hit My Car

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Drive your car and avoid hitting the police cars. Try to make the police cars hit each other to gain score. Restart the level every time your car crash.

Go Fish

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Fish the fish and avoid the bomb and barrels.

War Plane

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Another jet fighter game! You control an airplane which shoots automatically. Enemy fighters keep coming at you and you have to destroy them. Just be careful to dodge their bullets! You have three lives, don’t lose th...

Bone Fall

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Bone Fall game in which you control a Bone Face . Your Bone Face move to right by default, but you can take it to the left by tap the screen.

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