Category: Jump and Run

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Hero Jump

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Hero Jump is a Arcade Game. Fly as far as possible across the sky jumping on the platforms. Collect coins, use spring jumps and the super jump power-up to get extra points!

Jungle Run

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Jungle Run is an endless runner jungle.

Mini Jumper

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A mini jumping platformer game. Player jumps from one platform to another collecting stars to complete each level. Control the player with touch or mouse click.

Double Jump

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Double Jump is a fun platformer game. You control a character that can only jump! Or double jump! You have to move forward by jumping on platforms and avoid falling in pits. Also you must be quick because these platfo...

Ninja Pumpkin

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You are a Pumpkin Ninja and your duty is to collect coins and destroy enemies! And because you are just an apprentice ninja, you are not allowed to use weapons and have to either jump on enemies’ heads or tackle them!...